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Pociejewo island

We present a unique proposal - participation in the development of the center of Konin - isle of Pociejewo. The uniqueness of this area lies in the fact that it is located between old part and the new part of Konin city. The island of Pociejewo has twenty hectares of land intended for development. The landowner is Konin City. The area is equipped with all media (water, sewers, gas and electricity) and communicated by asphalt roads. Due to the large scope of investments, this infrastructure will have to be adapted to the new needs and requirements of investors. The island of Pociejewo is a unique place away from residential development, so as to avoid possible social conflicts in its management.

The geothermal resources are geared towards energetics, recreation and balneology. It is here that a geothermal heat-only boiler station and recreation and therapeutic complex is being planned, with a large number of outdoor and indoor pools and a team of doctors and rehabilitation therapists for balneological procedures. A few hectare spa park will be supplemented with palm house and lookout tower. Local spatial plan also assumes the construction of large-area shops and a hotel and conference center. Final stage will include walking trails, bike paths, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, saunas, wellness, Jacuzzis, wellness and massage parlors.