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The main objective of the "Konin Development Strategy for 2015-2020" is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of our city. The paper outlines the real opportunities and means to achieve this.
The "Konin Development Strategy for 2015-2020" is the result of a strategic process based on, on the one hand, an in-depth diagnosis and analysis based on available information, and on the other, the designation of strategic objectives involving both internal stakeholders - representatives of the City Council and external residents , Entrepreneurs, representatives of organizations and public institutions and non-governmental organizations.
In addition, the draft strategy was consulted by the Konin Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Development Agency S.A., the State Higher Vocational School in Konin, city companies and residents of the city and was subject to discussion by the Economic Consultative Board at the President of the City of Konin, where he was unanimously accepted without comments.
Adoption of the "Konin Development Strategy for 2015-2020", together with all its priorities, as a kind of development plan for the city, will bring the basic directions of its development to a close in the coming years.

Multiannual Investment Plan is a tool for realization of the plans concerning the directions of the City's development strategy as stated in the Konin Development Strategy 2017-2022 and is the basis of the draft budget for investment tasks for the following years. It leads to the optimal use of funds available for investment and for the modification of current expenditures.
The Multi-Annual Investment Plan is a rolling plan, which means that it is subject to a temporary update. The update includes the introduction of new investment tasks in the plan and an update of the data on the tasks already included in the Plan. The time horizon of the WPI is shifted during the preparation of subsequent editions of the plan.