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Investment offers

Konin is an attractive place for business. The city, apart from its convenient location, can boast of interesting investment offers. All are located within easy reach of the city center and major transport routes (motorways, national and provincial roads). Current investment areas located in the area of:


16,6854 ha - economic activation areas and 14,2094 ha - areas for non-obtrusive services.

Konin - Janowska

7,2879 ha - areas of production facilities, warehouses and services

4,9087 ha - areas of production facilities, warehouses and services.


The work on the adoption of the Local Plan of Spatial Development of Konin City has been completed, and due to that, another large area has been added to the investment areas -  the island of Pociejewo on river Warta, which is a treasure of Konin. It is here that the hottest thermal water in Poland is located, which can be used for the production of heat and power (activities in that directions have already been undertaken) and for recreational, health, leisure and sports purposes (balneology, spa park, sport fields with heated grass). The investment area has about 18 hectares dedicated to sport and recreation services, commercial buildings with a sales area of over 2000 m2 and renewable energy.