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Why Konin

Konin is a city located in the heart of the country on the Warta River in the eastern part of the Wielkopolska Province. Tere are 75 607 people living here. Konin is an important communication hub. The A2 motorway runs through the south borders of the city. There are two national roads: from North to South DK25 and from East to West DK92. The city is also crossed by railway line no.  3, part of the European E20 (Berlin - Moscow) railway line. On the outskirts of the city is the inland waterway on the Warta river, which is more than four hundred kilometers long. Nearby Konin there are also international airports: Poznań - Ławica Airport - 117 km, Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in Łódź - 121 km.

Konin, thanks to its excellent location at the intersection of transport routes, has been a transit city for many centuries.


  • industrial traditions (power industry and heavy industry);
  • growing economy;
  • expanded technical infrastructure;
  • qualified staff;
  • important logistic and distribution center;
  • prepared investment areas;
  • friendly investment climate involving local authorities and city dwellers;
  • natural environment preservation;
  • the energy source, having the hottest thermal water in Poland;
  • a sports, recreation, cultural and entertainment center;
  • developed organizational environment of the economy (a large number of supporting institutions
  • grounds, recreational facilities and cultural and entertainment events giving the opportunity to relax after work.